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Communication made easy through Interactive OOH

In today’s age and time Communication is the king, if you communicate with clarity and in concise manner with your target audience you have hit the bull’s eye. But what about the advertisement noise that your target group has to face continuously, round the clock?
The continued babble of advertisements just not ends with switching of the idiot box…err TV, it goes around with people like a shadow, forcing them to think what Brands want them to think.
Brands are vying for 3 sec window in their TG’s day to get the message through. Motivation to rise up the din has inspired advertisers to look for new ways to capture attention of potential buyers/clients.Tablet is one such media through which you can reach your TG in an exclusive environment and this has been successfully demonstrated by ValueTouch, the digital menu tab developed and marketed by Valuemakers International Pvt. Ltd.
ValueTouch has been visualized as a medium to function both as utility object for Hospitality industry and as a platform for broad spectrum of advertisers. It is the digital media platform that is flexible and extremely focused. It can be effectively used to promote; position and connect with the tareget audience. A liquor brand can use ValueTouch to advertise at ‘Point of Sale’ while a Lifestyle brand can encourage brand recall and later-day sale.
The logic is simple – catch the TG’s attention when they are relaxing, paying no attention to anything else but the menu. With ValueTouch advertisers can capture eyeballs at the right place and time, and exponentially increase the chances of converting a ‘Thought into Action’. They can profile the potential buyers/clients basis the Screen Engagement and Mood Mapping analysis of ValueTouch.
Some of the most talked about features of this interactive OOH is the centralization of Marketing Messages; Seamless Synchronization of marketing campaigns which can be remotely managed from one server initiate transformation, prompt the users to choose and experiment.
Entice and Engage  your  Target group with Interactive OOH media !

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